Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Colline Teramane has been recently awarded with the Registered and Certified Designation of Origin, a much sought after certification which our Association will be dealing with. We aim at safeguarding the interests of any and all consumers who will appreciate this ambitious project acknowledging the peculiarity and distinctive features of our wines, while at the same time taking care of companies, producers, wine growers and wine-making experts.

The aim is to offer a model of effective guarantee, protection and promotion which can be verified not only by the Ministry for Rural Affairs and the National Committee for the Registered Designation of Origin of wines, but first and foremost, by all wine lovers and operators for whose satisfaction no effort is spared.
Besides that, we are also firmly determined to safeguard and preserve the distinctive features of each single wine grower’s production, at the same time making sure that they all fall under the strict rules for the designation of origin. Our work can be compared to a harmonious choir which emphasizes the individual talent of each and every member.

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Graduatoria per la partecipazione al

I Sei Giganti a Montepagano

Montepagano 'Borgo Divino'

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